SBI Home Loan EMI Calculator

Nowadays, for the construction and purchasing of a property, home loans are termed as the financing and long-term option available in all the banks and the financial institution. In the past few years, the high rise is seen in the home loan sanctions. The State Bank of India has played a vital role in sanctioning […]Read More

Best Investment Plan for 5 Years

Investment Plans are important financial means that help create sustainable wealth for the future. Several investment plans allow us to invest our savings into various money-market products in a disciplined and periodic manner to accomplish our financial goals.  Investment planning plays a significant role in financial planning. Investing for the tenure of 5 years is […]Read More

EPF Contribution

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is a popular scheme launched under the Government of India’s supervision and regulated by the Ministry of Labour in India. The main aim of this scheme is to build a sufficient and balanced retirement corpus of an individual with inculcating the habit of saving in the salaried class persons. However, this […]Read More

EPF Interest Rate

The full form of (EPF) is Employment Provident Fund. It is maintained by the (EPFO) Employment Provident Fund Organization to provide retirement benefits schemes to the employees. When the employees and the employers together contribute to the EPF scheme in equal proportion of 12% on the monthly basis from the dearness allowance and the basic […]Read More

Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)

Employees’ Provident Fund is a government organization that works under the central government works to promote the employees’ to save funds for their retirement. This scheme was launched by the Indian government in the year 1951 and the Ministry of Labour and employment governs this organization (EPFO). The schemes provided by EPFO are not just […]Read More

SBI SIP Calculator

When we talk about investing in Mutual Funds, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) works as a key discipline approach in it. Only the investor has to set aside a regular fixed amount of money which will help in long-run generating capital including the practice of savings as well. In the past few decades industry of Mutual […]Read More

National Scheme of Welfare of Fishermen

The Central government-sponsored National Scheme of Welfare of Fisherman proposes to give financial help to fishers for construction of the house, community hall for recreation and common working place and installation of tube-wells for drinking water and aid during the lean period by saving cum relief component. The National Scheme of Welfare of Fishermen has […]Read More

6 Best Investment Plan for 3 Year with High Returns

Short-term investments are created to give good returns in a short span of time which can be a year or even a few months. These plans are more focused to satisfy the expected near future expenses. Usually, investors who are more willing towards short-term investment plans aren’t really interested in waiting for years to get […]Read More

Best Investment Plan for 1 Year

Short-term investment plans are in which investors can deposit their money for short periods ranging from 3 months to 12 months. The primary criteria of short-term investors are the safety of capital and returns and the fast growth of wealth, considering the same short-term investments are excellent.  If you are investing only for one year, […]Read More

Best Investment Plan for Monthly Income

Monthly income plan is a variety of mutual fund plan, that primarily invests primarily in equity securities with a necessary of generating money flows and saving capital. unit of measurement are best-suited for retirees who get a gentle income rather than capital gains. A monthly income plan, because the name suggests, may be a scheme […]Read More