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Axis Bank Home Loan – Features, Eligibility and Interest Rates

Now you can fulfil your own dream of buying a lavish house by availing the home loan from Axis Bank. You can get a home loan starting from Rs.3,00,000. Several seamless benefits are structured with the home loan criteria, which includes the attractive rate of interest, smaller and easier EMI process, service at your doorstep, and easy and reliable application process.

The flexible and affordable home loans are well designed to take you much closer to your dream house. Consumers can easily calculate their loan amount by the help of an EMI calculator. Explore the extended loan period and several other products which are well acquainted with the home loan process. You can find out some more fruitful details below. Just stick to this article and enjoy the benefits of availing home loans from Axis Bank.

Benefits and Features

  • Availability of Attractive Rate of Interest

The attractive home loans can give you affordable and easy monthly instalments every month. This means every individual can now save their pocket.

  • Choose Your Own Rate of Interest

Floating and fixed home loans are available as per your own customizable preferences. At a very low-interest rate, the consumers will be able to purchase their own dream home.

  • Application Process

This is the main important part of any home loan process. Hence you need to fulfil all the eligibility and criteria before applying for a home loan.

You can go through several home loans and approved projects which are classified below-

  1. Axis Bank Home Loans
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Here you can take a loan from a minimum amount of Rs.3 Lakhs to the maximum amount of your combined income. Both fixed and floating types of home loan with small interest are available. You can get up to 30 years of maximum tenure.

  1. QuickPay Home Loans

The consumers can take a loan amount of 3 lakhs to the maximum amount of their combined income. You can only get an option of floating type home interest rate. Also, you can get a tenure of maximum 30 years if you avail this home loan.

  1. Shubh Aarambh Home Loan

The dream home seekers can get a minimum home loan amount of Rs.1 Lakh to a maximum of Rs.30 Lakhs. You can enjoy the floating type home loan interest rate with a maximum tenure of 30 years.

  1. Power Advantage Home Loans

Everybody can get a minimum loan amount of Rs.3 Lakhs to a maximum loan amount depending on your combined income. The consumers can get both the applicable interest rate of the home, i.e. Fixed and Floating. You can get a maximum of 30 years as the total period.

  1. Asha Home Loan

The bank provides you with a minimum loan amount of Rs.1 Lakh up to a maximum loan amount of Rs.28 Lakhs. The applicants can get fixed as well as a floating type of home loan at different interest rates. Thirty years the total and maximum tenure period you can get if you avail this approved home loan.

  1. Top-Up Home Loan

It is the most attractive home loan for consumers who are looking out to purchase their dream home. Here you get a maximum loan amount of Rs.50 Lakhs, and you can get up to 30% of the sanctioned amount as the total interest rate. You will get a maximum tenure same as the outstanding home loan interest tenure.

  1. Empower Home Loan
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Here you can get a minimum loan amount of Rs.10 Lakhs to a maximum amount of Rs.150 Lakhs. You can avail the floating type home interest rate for a maximum tenure of 15 years.

  1. Super Saver Home Loan

The loan amount in this package starts from a minimum amount of Rs.50 Lakhs. And the maximum loan amount clearly depends upon your combined income. Both fixed and floating type home loan interest rates are available. Up to 20 years of maximum tenure is available for the fully disbursed and 22 years tenure in the case of partly disbursed.

  1. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna

This package is slightly different, and you can get the subsidy on the loan amount. You can enjoy the floating and fixed home loan for a maximum tenure of 20 years of subsidy.

Note: don’t ever pay attention to fraud offers or calls which come in the form of emails and phones in the name of many commercial banks or RBI.

Make sure to carry the mandatory documents, address proof, identity proof, income proof, property documents and all the insurance details. You are one more step closer to buy your dream home in the most exotic locations.



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