Cryptocurrency: A Complete Beginners Guide

Cryptocurrency works the same as the physical currency we use to sell or purchase goods, avail services and you can also trade them to earn profit. These unregulated currencies are best to trade if you want to earn huge profit as the price of cryptocurrencies are always heading upwards. There are endless numbers of cryptocurrencies, […]Read More

Best Term Insurance Plans in India 2021

With the growing uncertainties of life, it is very important to secure the financial future of the family and the best way to do so is to have a term insurance plan. A Term Insurance Plan provides comprehensive coverage to the family of the insured against any type of eventualities. Moreover, it takes care of […]Read More

Income Tax e-filing

With the growing technology and India is going digital, now tax filing is also an electronic process. Now, there is no need of handling the number of papers and long queues for filing the income tax. The income tax e-filing has made income tax filing a very easy and simplified task that can be done […]Read More

EPF Schemes

The Employees’ provident fund started with the annunciation of the Employees’ provident funds on 15th November 1951. Later, the Employees provident fund Act, 1952 replaced it. EPF bill was introduced in parliament in 1952 as bill no. 15 to provide provident fund facility to employees of factories and other institutions. Now, the act is known […]Read More

Flipkart Launches ‘Flipkart Xtra’ – Aims to onboard over 4,000 part-time job seekers

Walmart-owned e-commerce giant Flipkart on Wednesday said it is introducing a separate marketplace model ‘Flipkart Xtra’ to provide earning opportunities to individuals, service agencies, and technicians. The ‘Flipkart Extra’ app is available on the Google Play Store. Through this Flipkart will provide a simple and seamless experience to the interested individuals. “As an organization committed […]Read More

Universal Account Number (UAN)

Now, the entire Employee Provident Fund Services can be operated online. You can withdrawal, check EPF balance, etc using UAN. UAN makes your PF loan application easy and you no more need employer’s help for many PF-related works. What is UAN Number? Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique 12-digit number allotted to every PF […]Read More

EPF: Complaint About any Problem Related to PF Online

With a need to digitalize everything in the pandemic, EPFO took a big step in 2020 by launching an online complaint portal for its members. If you have any complaint regarding withdrawal or transfer of EPF account or any issues with KYC, then you can file a complaint via Grievance Management System or through the […]Read More

How to Change/Register Mobile Number in EPF Account

If you’ve changed your mobile number, it is important to update and link the same with your Universal Account Number (UAN). Know how to register a changed mobile number with the EPFO using your UAN. EPFO has made provisions for its members to avail various services through SMS on the registered mobile number. Members can […]Read More