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All You Need to Know About Personal Loans

If you are going to apply for a personal loan, then here are all that you need to know:

Personal loans are considered to be highly unsecured loans. This is the reason that banks do not ask for collaterals at the time of disbursing loans. Banks and other financial institutions offer personal loans to applicants who possess an outstanding credit history and to applicants where recovery of the loans seems to be easy for the bank. If the bank feels that the applicant may not be able to repay the loan, then it may refuse to provide personal loans. If you want to avail personal loans from banks, then it is essential to maintain a proper credit history. The time taken for processing of the personal loan is very less, and in most cases, the amount is disbursed on the same day of the loan application. To get the best out of personal loans, you should submit proper documents to the banks to speed up the entire process. 

  • Fixed Interest Rates

The rate of interest of personal loans is fixed most of the time. You will have to repay the bank at a fixed rate of interest. There would be no increase and decrease in interest rate as in case of other loans. The interest rates are primarily dependent on the credit history of the applicant. If the credit history is excellent and the CIBIL score is high, then the bank can make available for personal loans at a reduced rate of interest.

  • Associated Charges

In the course of processing of online personal loans, the applicant has to bear a certain amount of expenses. The applicant needs to pay the processing fee for the loan. The processing fee is a minimal amount that the bank charges for processing the loan application. It is a very large percentage of the total loan amount. The applicant also needs to pay for verification. To assess the credit history and financial stability of the applicant, banks engage third party agencies to take care of the proper verification of the background of the applicant.

In the course of repayment, if the applicant fails to pay the EMI within the stipulated time, then the banks charge a certain amount of penalty. If the applicant opts to pay the total principal along with interest chargeable before the allocated tenure, then the bank charges a certain amount of penalty to make up the loss incurred.

  • Variable Terms of Repayment

The repayment terms vary from bank to bank as well as the nature of loan the applicant has availed. To have a clear picture of the repayment scenario, it is at all times advisable to read the terms and conditions of the bank from which you have made up your mind to avail loans. If you want to repay the loans in a shorter period, then the EMI would be high and vice versa.

  • No Specific Use

The most important thing that makes personal one of the top choices for any salaried and self-employed individuals is that there is no particular way of utilizing the loan, unlike home and car loans. You don’t even have to tell the bank for which you need money. You are free to use the loan amount in any means as per your wish. However, it is at all times, advisable to borrow the amount that is necessary and not more than that. This is the reason that the rate of interest is higher in terms of personal loans.

  • No Fixed Limit

This is one of the most peculiar aspects of personal loan. There is no maximum limit of the loan application. If your credit history is impressive and the CIBIL score is high, then you can easily get a higher amount of personal loan. You should go through online personal loan eligibility to get a clear picture.

Personal loans are one of the easiest ways of raising funds at the time of the need and financial disaster. It can save you from the crisis. On the contrary, if you don’t repay the due in the time allocated, it can also lead to great trouble. So, you need to be very careful.



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